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The Requests, Complaints, Claims and Suggestions system (PQRS) allows us to know the doubts and ideas that users of our site have to give us the opportunity to strengthen and improve the service.

Every user has the right to submit requests, complaints, claims and suggestions to MPSERVICES, for which they must take into account the following concepts:

  • PETITION: It is an action through which the user, in a respectful manner, requests from the company any information related to the provision of the service.
  • COMPLAINT: It is the expression or manifestation that the user makes to the company due to the dissatisfaction generated by the provision of our services.
  • CLAIM: It is the opposition or disagreement presented by the user, with the aim of the company reviewing and evaluating an action related to the provision of the service in economic terms.
  • SUGGESTION: It is a proposal presented by a user to influence the improvement of a company process whose purpose is related to the provision of the service.